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Spring 2017

ACM + GM Financial

April 6 2017 08:30 PM
SLC 2.303
Bring your comet card for free pizza!

Join us for an event with GM Financial! They will be talking about Data Architecture and warehousing, the technologies they use to do that, and the value they are able to provide. You'll also get to learn about job opportunities!

Fall Highlights
HackUTD Workshop: Python

March 1 2017 08:30 PM · JSOM 1.502

You’ll learn the basics of Python and how to interact with APIs using and how to use the Quantopian API for stock investment analysis. Quantopian will be having a challenge with their API at HackUTD, so come learn how to interact with it!

ACM + Walmart Technology

March 2 2017 08:30 PM · SLC 1.102

Join us for an event with Walmart, where they’ll talk about the technical challenges involved in retail and E-commerce, how they solve those problems, and how they bridge the gap between physical and online retail.

Quantopian Meetup

March 6 2017 06:00 PM · JSOM 11.218

Join us for Quantopian’s Factor Modeling meetup with a presentation by Max Margenot. There will be food, drinks, and ample time for networking! Max Margenot is a data scientist at Quantopian and runs their academic workshops. Learn how to create algorithms to rank stocks and up your investing game!

We're the Association for Computing Machinery at UT Dallas.
We're focused on giving back to the engineering community here at UT Dallas and beyond through events, projects, HackUTD, and more.

ACM Industry Series

At ACM Industry Series events, we host companies from around Dallas and around the country to give students an inside view of what it's like to work in the software space, and how to get there.

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A few of the many incredible companies we've had the pleasure of hosting


ACM Projects

ACM Projects are ACM's semester-long guided projects for those new to software development, teaching collaborative tools, new technologies, and core development principles earlier and complimentary to curriculum.

ACM Labs

ACM Labs is ACM's own in-house engineering team consisting of student project managers, developers, and designers referred internally and vetted with interviews working on a variety of new projects and platforms for the communnity at UT Dallas and beyond.

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HackUTD is the official student hackathon of UT Dallas and North Texas' largest university hackathon, run by ACM in partnership with Major League Hacking. HackUTD 16 brought over 400 students together for 24 hours of ideas, code, and design, and HackUTD 17's going even bigger.


Let's build a better engineering community together. Join our team.