We started the "Dr. Gopal Gupta Undergraduate Scholarship for Computer Science established by ACM 2020" in honor of its namesake: Dr. Gopal Gupta served as the Computer Science (CS) department head at UT Dallas from 2009-2020.

How do I apply for the scholarship? Deadlines?

Although sponsored by ACM at UTD, this scholarship is now managed fulled by the ECS department. You can learn more about how to apply and thee process for receiving the scholarship from the ECS Scholarships Page You can also find other relevant information like scholarship deadlines and other criteria to be eligible to apply on the ECS scholarships page as well. We insist that if you have questions you get in touch directly with the ECS Scholarship Committe. Our team will be unable to resolve any queries you have.

Who is this scholarship for?

Each year, this endowed scholarship will award one student $1k, qualifying it for "competitive scholarship" status. This means that if you are an out of state or international student, you may receive in-state tuition for that year. For this reason, we highly encourage these demographics to apply. In addition to academic excellence, applicants will be preferred if they have demonstrated engagement with any CS student organization at UTD. Note that the scholarship is awarded by a committee appointed by the Jonsson school, and not ACM UTD or Prof. John Cole (our faculty sponsor). Please do not get in touch with us on questions regarding this scholarship.

What inspired the scholarship?

Our scholarship wasas inspired by the actions and leadership of Gopal Gupta (CS Dept Head 2009-2020). During this time, the department grew immensely and is now the 3rd largest CS department in the United States. In addition to fostering a culture of undergraduate academic excellence, Dr. Gupta placed a large importance on the role of student organizations within the department and the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science more broadly. One graded assignment for all incoming freshmen in CS is that they attend an event outside of class where they must talk to representatives from many CS student organizations. Furthermore, Dr. Gupta encouraged students to listen in on department meetings, provide feedback on programs within the department, and present goals and events to faculty members. Finally, Dr. Gupta initiated efforts to start HackUTD, a university hackathon, which has grown to be one of the largest in the U.S.