ACM Education helps give students valuable skills needed for the workforce. While college degrees may be more theory based, we aim to give students knowledge not typically attained in the classroom. We run the Technical Interview Prep Program (TIP), Mentor Program, and various technical workshops during the school year. Feel free to reach us at [email protected]

Technical Interview Prep

Trying to land an internship? Most tech companies have both behavioral and technical interviews. Our technical interview prep program will prepare you for both and help you nail your next interview! We are piloting the program this Spring with a small cohort. The program consists of three parts every week. We will provide weekly material to be read through before the workshop to help students understand data structure algorithms in depth. During the workshop on Thursdays, you will have a smaller team to discuss program material and problems. There will also be homework questions to practice the skills discussed that week. The participants will have a discord community dedicated for interview prep and other perks for completing the program such as mock interviews and certificates. If you want a support group to help you through the hiring season, this is a great opportunity!

Interest Forms for the program are up now. Applications will open in the Fall.

Mentor Program

The ACM Mentor Program pairs lowerclass students with upperclass students. This gives them valuable advice and helps them start building connections. Students can gain insight from a variety of topics ranging from which courses to take to how to acquire internships. We organize workshops about relevant topics such as Making Your LinkedIn Profile and Career Paths. Our program offers Udemy courses to our mentors/mentees to learn various subjects such as Game Development, Data Science, Front-End Development, and much more. Also, we provide mentors/mentees the opportunity to host their own workshops! The mentor program hosts events throughout the semester, which gives all mentors and mentees to network with other students in the program.

Interest Forms for the program are up now. Applications will open in the Fall.

Technical Workshops

Looking to learn new computer science skills and start new projects? Attend ACM Education workshops to learn more about the latest technologies, skills, and languages used in the industry!

There is no application! Just be on the look out for our events.

Personal Website Workshop
In Personal Website Workshop, you'll learn how to make your very own personal website! Make a customizable portfolio website that showcases all your projects - and if you already have a personal website, learn how to integrate dark mode!
Python Language Guide
The Python language guide goes over the basics of programming in Python. We made this so if you attend any of our workshops in Python, you can look through this to understand the syntax basics!