April 29 2019

ACM Projects/Ignite Wrap-Up

Here’s all of the projects we created in ACM Projects and ACM Ignite this semester!

Chef-It! (from ACM Projects)

Winner of the 'Most Likely to Become a Startup' award, the Chef-It! team built a web app using React, which provides recipes based on ingredients that a user provides.

Menü (from ACM Ignite)

The Menü team built a mobile app using React Native, which provides a list of restaurants and menu items that a user would like based on their cuisine preferences and dietary restrictions.

MusicMuves (from ACM Projects)

The MusicMuves built an iMessage app using Swift, which allows users to send playlists to friends between Apple Music and Spotify that would otherwise be incompatible.

PastePod (from ACM Ignite)

The PastePod team built a web app, built upon the Solid ecosystem, is an alternative to PasteBin that allows users to share text snippets while maintaining ownership of their data.

PlanIt (from ACM Projects)

The PlanIt team built an Android app consisting of a collection of valuable tools for students, such as a to-do list, Pomodoro timer, and calendar.

Skribe (from ACM Projects)

Winner of the '1st Place Projects' award, built a mobile app using React Native that scans a user's handwritten notes using OCR to make them taggable and searchable for later use.

StudyMates (from ACM Projects)

The StudyMates team built a mobile app using Flutter to help students find or create study groups based on preferences like location, professor, and course section.

TNN: The New News (from ACM Projects)

The TNN team built a web app using React to educate users on the current political landscape through data visualization and summarized articles from a variety of sources to reduce bias.

Wait What? (from ACM Ignite)

The Wait What? team built a mobile app using Flutter to quickly inform users on trending topics and headlines.