April 7 2019

ACM Projects Weekly Update

Week 8: Here’s what our ACM Projects teams have been up to!


"The team has began working on finals presentation, starting with googles slide. The back-end implementing sorting algorithm to the database and expanding the use of the database. The front-end are improving the designs and layout of the app and presentation."


"The frontend continues to consistently output new ideas for the design of the app and are now in the process of connecting those design ideas with actual Flutter code. The backend was really struggling to get user data saved on AWS but they have finally figured out how to query, and export used data on a JSON file. In the next few weeks we hope to finish the linking between the front end and backend."

Recipe Helper

"The front end experienced some troubles with routing through their search bar. They started to rebuild the react application from scratch with a new approach and will be continuing to work on it. They back end is continuously working on developing a login system with Firebase. They have some syntactical errors preventing them from testing the code, so they are working to fix them now."

Stay Woke!

"Formerly called Stay Woke! This past build night, the team decided to change their name to: The New Newsroom. Iconic. With 3 more build nights left to go, The New Newsroom team has began to put the final touches on their project. This week the team will not only focus on completing their project, but we have also started working on the team’s final presentation/pitch."

Playlist Converter

"A team meeting was set to discuss the state of which the project is in. I made my feelings public to the group stating that I believe that the reason for the lack of progress for our project was due to the following main factors: procrastination, accountability, and fear of starting. After addressing what I think are the main issues that are holding back the group from progress, I conducted one-on-one discussions to each individual member to see what they thought, then afterward spoke to everyone together to make sure we were on the same page. The plan worked, group moral seemed more together and tasks are getting done. Hopefully by the end of the next build night, we should have an almost working demo with most of the powerpoint completed."

Smart Lecture Notes

"Renamed to Skribe, the team has finished the search function on the app this week, which was the last big back-end feature, and we have every page except the profile page finished. Right now, the last thing for the back-end is to get MongoDB Atlas, which is a server database rather than a local one, working; there have been some issues with that. The next push is to connect the front-end and the back-end, and the team is starting that early in case there are unforeseen issues. Also, the team is starting work on the presentation for the Presentation Night, we have all of the bones of the presentation ready, we just need to add details and do lots of practice."