March 16 2019

ACM Projects Weekly Update

Here’s what our ACM Projects teams have been up to!


"The backend team is hard at work finishing implementing API(s) and is every step closer to an MVP. The Pomodoro timer was recently finished and passed it on to the frontend team to implement the look and refine it. The frontend team has worked on improving the UI of the login pages, and is currently designing and implementing more pages to the app. Progress is slow, but overall they are still in good position."


"Despite slightly falling behind schedule the StudyMates group plans to bounce back during the spring break. The backend and the frontend are already coordinating to work together in the future weeks. The front end already has all the designs done for the 7 pages that the app is going to include and the backend is currently working on fixing directory files involved with the usage of the Google Maps API and the storing of user data."

Recipe Helper

"The front-end team is now working to send user input to the back-end and the resulting UI to display the data the back end provides from the server. The back end team is working on both firebase login functionality and handling input from the front end."

Stay Woke!

"For the Stay Woke! team, Build Night 6 was about refinement. On the frontend, the team began to refine the user interface, designing for a more effective user experience. The Backend team began to refine the article information collected through APIs, selecting only the necessary information. As for the Data Visualization team, they have started refining the data collected. They are searching/creating a more streamlined approach to data collection."

Playlist Converter

"This week with the group was difficult during the build night group is still having trouble getting started, it seems like we haven't had any significant progress with the created of the app due to team members being on different pages. During the break, I hope to talk to each member separately to find out where everyone is at then from there restructure the direction the team is going."

Smart Lecture Notes

"This week, the Smart Lecture Notes team finished the searching algorithm for the MongoDB database, and they are now working on the best way to store images: as a buffer or as a URL; this is becoming somewhat of a roadblock. The frontend team has one or two more pages to work on, specifically the Profile page, and they are working on the mechanics for the tags function because they want it to be pill-shaped format where one can add and delete easily with just little x's on the tags. Overall, we're making very good progress so far."