ACM Culture

We get work done. We have fun.

At ACM, we work a bit differently than the average student organization. Autonomy is key at ACM, and we let officers make their positions theirs and take ownership of their work.

Doing your job is the minimum, and innovating in your position is expected. When as a team we can rely on each other, we can have fun building great events, programs, and initiatives.

Multiple applications. One Form.

We've streamlined our application process. After looking at the descriptions below for the ACM Officer position you'd like to apply for, head over to to apply for positions across the ACM Board of Directors, Operations, Projects, Education, Labs, & HackUTD.

Note that ACM Staff openings (incl. Projects mentors and Education tutors) require a separate application. The links for these applications are available in the opening listing.

ACM Board of Directors

Openings for ACM's Executive Board of Directors

Director of ACM Education

As Director of ACM Education, you’re in charge of leading ACM’s tutoring iniative within the Jonsson School Student Enrichment Center (JSSEC) in Synergy Park North.


Director of Operations

We’re looking for someone who is detail oriented and passionate about seamless event experiences to be our Director of Operations. This Director will be responsible for handling the logistics involved with event set up and experience, coordinating physical marketing, organizing information booths and tables, and finding ways to make ACM events more delightful.


Director of Public Relations

Do you like working with different people to create more collaborative experiences on campus? The Director of Public Relations is responsible for getting ACM more involved with other student organizations and establishing relationships with them, finding ways to work with our partner clubs to put on awesome events, and sharing ACM events with our partners as well as working with our Director of Marketing to share our partners’ events.



Openings for the organizing team of the official hackathon of UT Dallas

No openings

Thanks for your interest, but we're not hiring on this team at this time.

ACM Projects

Openings for ACM's guided projects initiative

No openings

Thanks for your interest, but we're not hiring on this team at this time.

ACM Labs

Openings for ACM's research & development team

Labs Project

ACM Labs funds student projects to promote experimentation with cutting-edge technologies. If you have a cool project idea, apply here for the chance to get funded for up to 100% of your project costs. We expect you to have worked on software/hardware projects in the past. If you are a beginner looking to get more experience with development, check out ACM Projects, our guided projects initiative.

Apply at

ACM Education

Openings for ACM's tutoring initiative


We’re looking for amazing tutors and mentors to join our ACM Education team. We’re a fun, friendly group of passionate people who strive to make a change in the engineering community.

Apply at

The Interview Process

ACM's interview process for ACM Officers is simple. It starts with an online application, and if selected, leads to an in-person interview with the President, VP, and on a team, the relevant Director.

For ACM Staff, including ACM Projects mentors, ACM Education tutors and ACM Labs developers, we provide information specific to that interview process on their application forms.

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